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  • SocialAds

    Social Ads - Joomla Advertising Reloaded SocialAds is a full fledged Advertising solution for your Joomla based website. It goes much beyond Social & Offers Contextual targeting, Geo Location targeting as well Demographic targeting with Social...
  • SocialAds... Explore More

    SocialAds support two types of payment mode Wallet Mode Pay Per Advertise Mode The payment mode for this demo site for SocialAds is Pay Per Advertise mode. To see the demo of 'Wallet' mode we suggest you to go through our other demo site. Techjoomla...
  • Email Beautifier

    targeted As well! 3 The email that you get will be Beautified using the Email Beautifier System. Email Monetization With SocialAds Integration Try steps given above, you will see Ads in Emails. These ads are shown using our another cool extension...
  • Joomla 3.0 Released - Sample content for Contextual Ads demo

    {loadposition contentadswide1} This is a sample content article to demonstrate Contextual Advertising capability of SocialAds. Besides this page, we have also setup Contextually targeted Ads for the Menus Invitex, SocialAds,JBolo, J!MailAlerts to show...

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The most comprehensive Invitations system for Joomla with OAuth Contact Import, automated intelligent invites, rich invite content.
Your key to an awesome crowdfunding site for Donations or Investments !
We’re widely recognized as one of the top companies worldwide, when it comes to Joomla.

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