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Invitex-  Viral invitation system for any Joomla Website.

Invitex offers a comprehensive solution for Viral invitations for any Joomla Website. It Integrates with native Joomla registration as well as Community Builder , JomSocial & EasySocial.  Viral Invitations are a critical part of any website, especially communities & Social Networks & Invitex is specifically built for that.

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How to See the demo?

Invitex offers some really great features. Since its an extension that sends Invitations via email & other media, not all features are such that they can be setup in a demo easily. However, we have setup the demo such that the best features can be seen & experienced.  

Send Regular Registration Invites

  • With registration invitations, you can send invitations via the various supported media for people to register on the site.
  • Click on the 'Invite Friends' Menu to try this out. Note that in order to avoid abuse of the system , actual invitation emails are not sent in the system. 

Send Invite Anywhere Invitations

  • Via the Invite Anywhere - Invitation types system you can setup Invitex to invite users for practically anything - To see an article, to join a group. These are just some examples. If you have some content on the site & it has a link, then you can use Invite anywhere to Invite people to the same.

Name Cards, Invitation Statistics & Custom landing Pages

  • You can use the menus alongside to see the Invitation Stats, Name Cards & Custom Landing page features. 

Many Many More Features

Invitex has many featured that cant really be demonstrated well on a demo website like - Invitation reminders, Mass of Rich content to include in your invites, Analtics tracking, Social Integrations, Find Friends, Intelligent Automatic Invites & so much more !  The full list of Features can be seen on our product landing page. The best way to experience these awesome features would be actually trying it out & experience it on your own website. 

NOTE : Admin side demo is not available for this product.

Done with the Demo ? Want to Dig Deeper Still ??

Demos work great till an extent.. However,  the best way to try a product is to actually use it hands on !  

We do not offer free trials of our products, but we do have a 7 Days Money back policy.  So if the product seems like a good fit, go ahead & buy it today ! We are there to help you try it out, support you with any questions you might have ! 

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All our Products also work with plain Joomla, JomSocial & EasySocial !

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We believe Developers are the best people to give support to the customers using their Products. It puts developers in touch with customers leading to better products faster while giving the best possible support to the customers !

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